Three Ways To Add Marble To Your Bathroom

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Three Ways To Add Marble To Your Bathroom

27 May 2021
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Marble can have a lot of good uses inside of a home, providing an upscale look that many homeowners find appealing. You can find marble in a wide range of colors, which can make it a versatile choice in several different areas. If you're planning to hire a professional to remodel your bathroom, there's a good chance that marble can improve the look of this space. There are several ways that you can use marble in a bathroom, including the following three options.

Marble Flooring

There are a handful of different materials that are suitable to use for bathroom flooring, and marble is on this list. Marble tiles are available in a number of sizes and shapes. Some people favor large square or rectangular marble tiles, while others like the look of small, hexagonal tiles that create a mosaic look. Each style offers its own set of advantages, so it's useful to talk to your contractor about what might look best in your space. Marble tiles create a cool feeling underfoot, which some people favor. If you prefer the floor of your bathroom to be warm, you can have your contractor install underfloor heating before the marble goes into place.

Marble Vanity

The addition of a marble vanity can dramatically change the look of your bathroom, and this fixture will often be the focal point as soon as you enter the space. Generally, this type of vanity has a continuous slab of marble across the top, while the elements below may be made of wood or another material. Marble vanities are available in traditional and modern designs, so it will be easy for you to pick out a product that will suit the bathroom look that you wish to achieve.

Marble Tub Surround

If you want to go in a different direction, consider talking to your bathroom remodeling contractor about installing a marble tub surround. This doesn't mean that the bathtub itself is made of marble. Rather, there are sheets of marble on each of the exposed sides of the tub, which can significantly improve its look. If you want to have marble elsewhere in the bathroom, the tub surround can match it for a unified look. A related idea is to have marble tiles on the wall beside and/or behind the tub, much like you might have a tile backsplash in your kitchen. Not only is this application stylish, but the marble also protects the drywall from splashed water.