4 Ways to Take Care of Your Roof This Summer

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4 Ways to Take Care of Your Roof This Summer

1 June 2021
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Take advantage of the warm weather and spend some time with your roof this summer. Your roof needs a little care and attention every once in a while, and an early summer morning is a great time to give your roof a little attention.

Way #1: Clean Out Those Gutters

If you skipped cleaning your gutters last fall, now is the time to clean them again and get rid of all the debris that has accumulated since the last time you took on this job. When cleaning your gutters, always put safety first. Depending on how often you clean your gutters, you may need to stand on a ladder and scoop up the debris. In that case, hang a bucket on the ladder so that you have somewhere easy to drop the debris.

If you clean your gutters regularly, you may just need to run down the length of your gutters, working towards the downspout, to wash away anything that is stuck in place. If you stand on a ladder to do so, ensure the hose doesn't get tangled in the ladder's legs. As you clean your gutters, be sure to inspect them. If your gutters are sagging at all, or are split in many areas, you will want to repair those issues immediately.

Way #2: Clean Your Roof Off

It is essential to get up on your roof from time to time and remove the debris on your roof. That debris may not seem like a big deal, but if it doesn't quickly blow off your roof on its own, then it can allow moisture to build up, which can break down the materials on your roof and can lead to roof leaks.

Way #3: Check the Shingles

Next, you are going to want to check your shingles. You are primarily going to be on the lookout for missing shingles, as missing shingles mean that your roof is missing an important layer of protection and the risk of a leak developing is very high.

That is not the only thing you should be looking out for. If you notice that any of your shingles are curling up, all the granules are worn away, or the shingles look dented, you are going to want to bring in a professional right away to assist the situation further and replace the damaged shingles.

Way #4: Monitor the Flashing

The flashing is the metal on your roof around vulnerable areas that helps direct the water away. If you notice that the flashing is pulling away or is damaged, this is something you are going to want to get fixed immediately.

You don't have to do all of these tasks on your own, or any of these tasks, as a matter of fact. Instead, you can hire a roofing company to come out, inspect, repair, and maintain your roof for you.