What Makes A Good Asphalt Driveway?

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What Makes A Good Asphalt Driveway?

4 June 2021
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Your driveway is a vital aspect of your home's resale value. An eye-catching driveway can leave a lasting impression on visitors or passers-by. Thus, if you maintain your driveway well and keep it clean and attractive, those people it'll attract will form a good impression of your home's interior quality. They'll feel that you have much devotion to maintaining your property correctly.

The natural beauty of asphalt paving, and even its ease of care, can serve to show your lifestyle, a positive image of you, and your home's general state. Yet, a poorly built asphalt driveway will deteriorate at a considerably higher rate than a standard surface. To obtain a decent asphalt driveway, consider the following key aspects:

Good Design

You most likely have a concept for your driveway's size, how it should look, and the route it should take. On the other hand, putting your idea into action necessitates proper design creation. For instance, consider your contractor's opinion when developing your driveway's design.

After the professionals consider the soil type and the terrain, they should advise whether your preferred design will be applicable. They should also consider issues like your car's rear suspension at the driveway's intersection with the street. A finished driveway will most likely disappoint you if you use a faulty design.

Adequate Foundation

A stable subgrade and constructing a solid aggregate base are both important aspects of laying a good foundation. Poorly maintained subgrade is a prevalent issue. Thus, if moist, soggy clay exists, remove it. On the other hand, you can lay a suitable stone foundation. Subdivision driveways might be the worst failures. In some neighborhoods, poor driveway preparation will result in construction (truck) traffic destroying the driveway, as ruck traffic can cause pavement buckles in driveways.

Soft dirt is a serious problem. You must remove the soft topsoil and replace it with something more substantial. It is easy to find a non-compacted backfill around the garage, new residences, and on the house's sides. Soft soil makes this backfill. Ensure you substitute it with something more stable. It's necessary to lay down a rock basis before pouring the hot mix. The rock's thickness or size matters a lot. Ensure you utilize top-size rock, which is around the size of your fist. This rock is significant as it sinks into the subgrade and helps to keep the earth stable.

Skilled Contractor

A competent asphalt contractor will never skimp on quality. It's crucial to compact the soil and press it down firmly, particularly along the edges and joints. Although views vary over whether or not a tack coat is necessary, many experts believe it is a good idea. Indeed, this tack coat is asphalt's thin layer that contractors apply between the primary layers to help them stick together.

But, if you want excellent outcomes, you must actively oversee the process and be sure to communicate with your contractor. 

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