Important Steps To Take When Completing A Patio Column Removal

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Important Steps To Take When Completing A Patio Column Removal

8 June 2021
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If you have a patio with columns, some of them may need to come out. They may have rotted or become damaged because of pests like termites. You can deal with a patio column removal correctly by taking these steps.

Find Replacement Columns First

You don't want to just remove the column on your patio and not replace it. There's probably a reason why it is there in the first place, and that's to give the patio covering added stability. Before you ever carry out this column removal, find a suitable replacement.

You can just go with the exact same type of column or one that's pretty similar. You want to have one ready to go so as soon as you remove the damaged column. You can simply put the new one in its place without having the patio sustain damage or sag more than it should.

Review Possible Hazards

You don't want to subject yourself or anyone else that is involved in a patio column removal to injury. As such, it helps to review potential hazards that could become relevant throughout this process. Then you can create plans that keep hazards at bay.

For instance, if the patio would collapse if you removed a particular column because it's load-bearing, you can set up supports first. Then you'll have the ability to remove the column without having important structures falling down and causing a huge mess. Researching these sorts of hazards will keep you and others safe. 

Make Sure Replacement Posts are Even

After you remove the damaged column holding the patio up and a replacement has been installed, you want to make sure the post is even. Then your patio will be more structurally stable and look much better.

You'll notice right away if your replacement posts are even or not. If they aren't and some sagging is happening, you may need to adjust the post or possibly even buy a different one with different dimensions. If you struggle to get even results, talk to a patio contractor to see what other things you can do to resolve this column replacement issue.

Patios won't always have columns that hold up as they should. If one of your patio columns is at the stage of removal and replacement, have these processes carried out in a timely and methodical way. Then you'll see better results and not have to address as many problems with the patio later.