Working With A General Contractor To Manage Your Renovation Project

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Working With A General Contractor To Manage Your Renovation Project

14 June 2021
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Commercial renovations are often more complicated than they seem at first. The work that needs to be done may not be entirely visible until some of the demolition begins, but hiring a commercial general contractor to manage the project can help make things more manageable and keep the project on track.

Oversight And Organization

One of the most important reasons to hire a commercial general contractor for a renovation project is that it takes the responsibility of overseeing the job off your shoulders. The GC (general contractor) will become the point of contact for all the work that is happening, and they will make decisions based on the discussions you have had with them already. 

Often the GC will need to okay changes that need to happen, and as a knowledgeable contractor, they will be able to determine what is going to work and how to make the changes while maintaining the result you are expecting. The organization subcontractors working on the site, material coordination, and all aspects of the renovation will fall to the commercial general contractor, who will report directly to you.

Staying On Budget

Budget overages are never acceptable on a renovation, and it is part of the commercial general contractor's job to ensure that the job stays on budget and within the deadline set for the work. Time and materials can negatively affect the budget, but your GC will ensure that the materials they need are on-site when needed so work does not slow down.

Buying the materials at a reasonable price is essential. An experienced commercial contractor will often know the best places to get materials at the best prices they can to ensure they stay within the budget set for the job.  

Codes And Inspections

Another essential part of the commercial general contractor's job is to ensure that all the work being done on the job meets code requirements. While the GC may not physically do the plumbing or electrical work in the building, it is their responsibility to ensure that the work is done to code. 

If the subcontractor working on the job does something wrong, the commercial contractor will need to correct it or have that subcontractor fix it to make sure it passes the building code. This means spot-checking electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and all structural work in the building to ensure the project is progressing but without cutting corners. 

The weight of the entire project is on the commercial contractor's shoulders, so it is vital that you find a contractor to work with that has managed projects like yours before. The experience and past successfully completed projects are often the best resume a commercial contractor can have and can tell you a lot about the quality of work you will get from them.