3 Reasons Why a Survey Is Important Before Erecting a Fence

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3 Reasons Why a Survey Is Important Before Erecting a Fence

30 June 2021
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Between finding a professional fence installer and choosing the style of the fence, it is easy to forget to do one crucial thing before erecting your fence, and that is hiring land surveyors to carry out the survey.

Why is a land survey so crucial before you can put up your fence? Here is why you shouldn't neglect the survey.

1. Avoid Property Line Disputes

Land surveyors will use various tools and techniques to determine your property lines or boundaries. Without this survey, you may find yourself erecting the fence outside your property line and well into your neighbor's property or on public property.

Straying even a few inches into your neighbor's property or property belonging to the government or public can be a source of major conflict. You will lose out on goodwill from your neighbor and should brace yourself for the process that lies ahead in resolving this boundary conflict.

2. Avoid Spending Too Much

Spend some money hiring land surveyors, and you can avoid spending much more down the road when things go wrong after putting up your fence. If, for example, your neighbor decides to go to court, you will have to factor in legal costs and other costs that will be involved in upholding the decision given by the court, such as bringing down the fence. You will surely have some losses to count, from the money you spent buying the materials and erecting the fence to the cost of tearing down the fence.

Similarly, if your neighbor agrees to an out-of-court resolution of the matter, you may have to part with some amount of money as a token of appreciation for the goodwill.

3. Clarity for Fencing Contractors

Your fencing contractor will work with the findings of land surveyors. Knowing the exact measurements of your property will help the contractor know the right type of fencing materials and supplies and how much will be required for the project.

Similarly, your property's layout will determine where the fencing contractor needs to make some adjustments to the design of the fence. Trees and structures such as sheds will be a point of focus for land surveyors during the survey, and the fencing contractor will accommodate these features in the design of your fence.

Professionals Only

With so much at stake, you cannot afford not to survey your property before erecting a fence. For the best outcome and a guarantee of value for your money, ensure that you hire only expert and experienced land surveyors for the job.

For more information on land surveying, contact your local business in New Mexico.