Log Cabin Vinyl Siding Can Give Your Home An Exciting Makeover

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Log Cabin Vinyl Siding Can Give Your Home An Exciting Makeover

9 July 2021
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Vinyl log cabin siding might be a good choice for your home if you want a fresh new look for a home in the suburbs, country, or woods. If you've always wanted to live in a cabin, you can transform your existing house so it looks like a cabin without the expense of real wood siding. Here are some benefits of choosing vinyl siding when you want the look of a real cabin.

Vinyl Siding Has A Realistic Wood Appearance

Vinyl siding can be made with different colors, shapes, and textures. This is done when the siding is manufactured so you don't have to worry about paint maintenance. The vinyl siding can look like cedar or other types of wood and have grains and texture lines just like real wood.

Vinyl log cabin siding is attractive and suitable for many settings, including shady woods and bright and sunny suburban lots. While you may tell up close that the siding isn't real wood, the similar look combined with vinyl's lower cost makes vinyl log cabin siding worth considering.

Vinyl Needs Less Care Than Wood

Vinyl siding has a lower initial cost than wood siding, and it also has lower maintenance costs over the years. Your siding might need repairs if it is damaged in some way, but maintenance usually just consists of washing the siding to keep it clean. No scraping paint, staining, painting, or repairing rot and insect damage is required.

Vinyl Doesn't Attract Pests

Whether you live in the woods or in the city, you have to contend with pests bothering your home. Pests love wood. Insects bore into it, rats gnaw holes in it, and woodpeckers drill holes in the wood. Vinyl doesn't have the same appeal to pests. Animals aren't drawn to it, so you don't have to worry about your siding being destroyed by termites or other pests.

Vinyl Is Tough Enough To Survive Average Storms

Vinyl siding stands up to storms and even small hail. A strong enough storm can destroy vinyl siding and your entire home, but the typical storms your area sees usually won't bother vinyl. You can buy vinyl of different thicknesses, and some even come with foam insulation on the back for additional support and thickness. The thicker siding is even more durable against hail and storms.

Large hailstones might damage any kind of siding, but smaller stones won't cause dents in vinyl since vinyl has a little elasticity, unlike aluminum. If you're wondering how vinyl siding stands up to storms in your local climate, ask your siding contractor for advice.