Tips When Having Condominiums Surveyed

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Tips When Having Condominiums Surveyed

28 October 2021
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When ownership of a condominium is being transferred to another party, an official survey is often required. It shows key details like location data and dimensional aspects of each unit. Local surveyors should be familiar with the requirements for your city and county as well. Using these tips, these land survey services will be easy to manage.

Find a Surveyor Experienced with Condominiums

Condos are much different than say residential or commercial properties. They have conjoined units and shared spaces that need to be accounted for during a survey. As such, you'll be better off working with a surveyor that specializes in condos. The land surveyor will already be familiar with the layout of the condo and procedures they need to follow for a proper survey that subsequently reveals a lot of key data for the party purchasing the property. 

Review Drawing Quality Beforehand

Another measure you can take before hiring a particular land surveyor to assess a condo you're purchasing is looking at their drawing quality. You want to see what they're capable of documenting before hiring one of these professionals.

You can ask for samples of condominium surveys or potentially find them already on the surveyor's site. These drawings will ultimately show the quality you can gain access to, as well as the data that will be provided in the land survey. Then you'll have enough insights to steer your land surveyor search in the right direction.

Consider 3D Land Scanning

If you're looking to go even further with the quality you can get from a land surveyor overseeing a condo property, then consider 3D land scanning services. It takes advantage of laser scanning technology, which can help in a lot of ways.

For one, the technology will help you get back land survey results much quicker since a lot of manual processes aren't required. Secondly, since 3D models can be created using laser technology, you can look forward to accurate results that make it easier to see important details about a condo you're about to purchase from a seller.

Condominiums, just like commercial property and residential homes, may require land surveys from time to time. If you're having this done to facilitate a transaction with a seller, you want to be strategic with who you hire and the services they offer. Only then will you get the best land survey results back quickly. 

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