Tips To Prepare For Your Flooring Installation

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Tips To Prepare For Your Flooring Installation

10 January 2022
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From improving the overall look and feel of your home to increasing your home's value, there are several reasons why you have decided to upgrade your home's flooring. Proper preparation of your home can help ensure the installers are able to remove the old flooring and install the new flooring as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare your home for your new flooring.

Find a Place for Your Kids and Pets

Whether you are getting the flooring in one room replaced or throughout your entire home, you need to allow the workers easy access to your home. This includes making sure your kids and pets are not intruding on the process. Talk to a friend or family member and ask if your kids and pets can visit for a few hours while the floors are being replaced.

If the installation is occurring throughout the home, consider staying in a hotel or with a family member for a couple of days. This will ensure the installers can work more quickly and get the job done much faster.

Remove Breakables and Furniture

Next, remove any breakables and furniture from the area where the flooring is being installed. The installers will let you know if any more furniture should be temporarily moved to make it easier for the flooring to be placed.

For example, if you are having new flooring installed in the kitchen, you may need to temporarily move some furniture from an adjacent room. This will provide a space for the materials to be easily accessed.

Disconnect Water and Gas

Depending upon where you are having the floor installed, such as in your kitchen or bathrooms, you may need to have the water, electricity, or natural gas to the room temporarily turned off. In many cases, you can easily turn off the water and electricity in the space. However, if you need natural gas turned off to the entire home for an extended period of time, contact your provider to have it turned off safely.

Adjust the Temperature to the Manufacturer's Suggestion

To ensure the flooring is able to acclimate to your home, the manufacturer will provide a suggested interior temperature. For example, you may need to adjust the heat or humidity inside the home both before the flooring is installed and after it is installed. This will ensure the flooring does not become damaged as it adjusts to your home's temperature.

Properly preparing your home prior to having your flooring installed will help ensure the job is completed in a timely fashion.

For more information on flooring installation, contact a company near you.