Hardwood Flooring And Having It Refinished

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Hardwood Flooring And Having It Refinished

25 February 2022
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Hardwood floors are popular, and they can work well in many types and styles of homes. You will find this guide on hardwood floors to be a help when it comes to learning more about your hardwood floors. Some things it will go over include ways to protect your wood floors, signs they should be refinished, and the benefits of having them refinished. 

Protecting your hardwood floors

One of the many great things about hardwood floors is that they are so durable. However, even though they are strong, they can still be damaged. With a bit of extra care and concern, you can keep your floors looking good longer. Some ways you can go about protecting them from some types of damages include: 

  • Close your blinds to block out the direct sunlight that can cause sun damage
  • Have the windows tinted to block out the sun as an alternative to blinds
  • Use rugs in high traffic areas 
  • Use rugs in areas where the kids play with their toys
  • Keep your dog's toenails trimmed short so they don't scratch the flooring
  • Clean up spills right when they happen
  • Put protective pads on the bottom of furniture legs to prevent scratches and digs
  • Keep the floors clean by sweeping and mopping
  • Use the appropriate cleaners on the floors

Spotting signs that your hardwood floors should be refinished

There can be a lot of different signs that let you know you should have your floors refinished soon. One definite sign that they need refinishing is seeing scratches in the flooring. Also, if there are splinters in the wood, then you want to have them refinished. Meanwhile, you should wear something on your feet in the house until it has been done. This way, you won't end up getting a splinter in your foot. 

Grey flooring is something some people think adds character to the wood floors. However, it is actually an indication that there is water damage. Refinishing the flooring should also be done when wood flooring starts to grey. Cupping is another issue that should be taken care of with refinishing. Cupping is the term for when the floorboards start to turn down from the edges. 

Any time the hardwood flooring has other types of visible damage, then it is also indicative of flooring that needs to be refinished. It's important to stay on top of this because refinishing the floor helps it look great again, but it also helps the flooring last a lot longer. Contact a wood floor expert today if you want to refinish hardwood floors in your home or small business.