Improving Your Home's Insulation

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Improving Your Home's Insulation

24 March 2022
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Insulation is an important part of your home, but it is often overlooked due to it being placed between walls and under floors. Having some basic questions about insulation and the services that insulation contractors do can provide you with a better understanding and appreciation for this part of your home.

Can Insulation Contractors Help You To Identify The Areas Where Additional Insulation Is Needed?

There are some areas in your home that may not be sufficiently insulated. These areas can expose the home to substantial energy loss due to drafts and convective heat transfer. Supplementing the insulation in these areas can dramatically improve the overall energy efficiency of the house. However, it can seem difficult or even impossible for a homeowner to determine this on their own. Luckily, insulation contractors will have infrared and other thermal tools that can help them with identifying the areas in the home that may benefit the most from having the insulation enhanced.

Is It Important To Insulate The Interior Walls As Well As The Exterior Ones?

The importance of having the exterior walls properly insulated can be obvious to most homeowners. However, they may not appreciate that it can also be beneficial to insulate the interior walls as well. In addition to helping to better regulate the temperature of the various interior areas of the home, good insulation can also reduce the ability of sounds to travel throughout the home. This can be an important factor for those with large families as there may otherwise be substantial amounts of noise pollution spreading throughout the interior space.

Is Spray Foam Insulation An Effective Solution?

For a homeowner that is wanting to improve the insulation in their house or garage, spray foam insulation can be an important option. These solutions will be able to effectively insulate the space between walls without needing to remove the entire wall. This benefit results from the ability of spray foam insulation to greatly expand in size. With the right tools and experience, a technician may be able to fully insulate a wall while only needing to make a few fairly small holes that could be easily patched. Additionally, this foam can be added to unfinished walls to increase energy efficiency. Spray foam insulation's ease of installation and versatility will also come at a comparatively affordable price, which makes it an option that homeowners should almost always consider when they are looking to supplement their home's insulation or to insulate new additions or garages.

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