3 Warning Signs It's Time To Invest In Sewer Pump Installation

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3 Warning Signs It's Time To Invest In Sewer Pump Installation

12 October 2022
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When constructing your residential home, you may decide to place spaces containing plumbing fixtures, like the bathroom in the basement. This may make it difficult for the wastewater to move to the main sewer or septic line because the basement is below-grade. For this reason, you may require a sewer pump to pump the wastewater to the main sewer for proper disposal. However, since your sewer pump works extra hard to pump wastewater to the disposal area, it may fail after some time. For example, debris and grease may clog your sewer pump, causing it to malfunction. Luckily, you can solve this by installing a new sewer pump. It will work efficiently, preventing sewage odors from ruining the air quality in your home.

Below are three warning signs it's time to invest in a new sewer pump installation.

1. When You Notice Dirty Water Running Through Your System

If your sewer pump is working correctly, it should pump wastewater to the disposal area, preventing it from mixing with clean water. Hence, your sewer pump must be ineffective if you notice dirty water running through your system. If not addressed, it may harm the health of your loved ones and cause a lot of inconvenience. Thus, investing in sewer pump replacement is imperative when you notice this sign. It will help install a new sewer pump in your residential home, preventing water contamination. 

2. When Your Sewer Pump Begins to Run Constantly

If your sewer pump is in good condition, it should cycle on and off. Thus, all might not be well if your sewer pump begins to cycle constantly. A worn-out motor or a faulty switch may trigger this issue. This may make your sewer pump more susceptible to malfunctions if not addressed. It may also cause its components to wear out faster. So, installing a new sewer pump when you notice this concern is imperative to prevent more issues.

3. When Your Sewer Pump Refuses to Start

If your sewer pump is effective, it should start when prompted. Hence, you should act faster if your sewer pump refuses to start. Electrical issues or worn-out internal components may trigger this concern. However, you can solve this by installing a new sewer pump. It will help replace your faulty sewer pump with a new one, enhancing efficiency.

It is without a doubt that your sewer pump plays a crucial role in your residential home. Therefore, you should never hesitate to call an accredited contractor to install a new sewer pump when your current one becomes old or begins to malfunction.

To learn more about sewer pump installation, reach out to a contractor near you.