Signs Your Garage Door Opener Is Failing

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Signs Your Garage Door Opener Is Failing

10 November 2022
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Learning to recognize signs that your garage door is starting to fail can allow you to repair these problems before they will be able to result in substantial problems. In addition to avoiding the garage door completely failing, this may also allow you to mitigate the damage that has occurred and the costs that may be involved with repairing the damage.

The Garage Door Seeming To Get Stuck When It Is Opening

When your garage door is opening, you may notice that it starts to become stuck or slows significantly at one particular point in the tracking. Unfortunately, this can indicate that the tracking may have been damaged or suffered other failures. If this occurs, it could result in the tracking needing to be replaced as quickly as possible. Delays with this type of repair could allow this problem to continue to worsen as the tracking continues to warp. Eventually, the door may become completely stuck.

Being Unable To Keep The Garage Door Partially Open

If your garage door is working properly, you should be able to leave it partially open without it starting to close. However, this can be a problem that will gradually develop as the torsion spring for the garage door suffers years of wear and tear. While being unable to leave the garage door partially open may not seem like a major problem, the sign that the torsion spring has degraded this much means that it will have to be replaced. As the torsion spring loses effectiveness, the ability of the opener to raise and lower the door will steadily degrade until it the system may no longer be responsive. Additionally, the added strain on the opener can cause damage to other components, which can increase the costs of repairs as these components will need to be replaced along with the torsion spring.

The Garage Door Is Opening Much Slower Than Normal Or Slamming When It Closes

A warning sign that your garage door opener is starting to fail may be the door raising much more slowly than normal. Conversely, the door may be more prone to slamming to the ground when it is being closed. Unfortunately, if the garage door is allowed to repeatedly slam into the ground, it could damage the floors of the garage while also damaging the door itself. A garage door opener repair service will be able to determine the cause of this performance issue so that the system can be fully repaired and properly balanced.

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