Why Install Micro-Mesh Gutter Covers?

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Why Install Micro-Mesh Gutter Covers?

10 January 2023
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If you want to install mesh covers on your gutters, then you can use a regular mesh or a micro-mesh. What are the differences between the two? Why are micro-mesh covers often a better investment?

How Do Micro-Mesh Gutter Covers Work?

All mesh gutter covers work the same way. These guards fit over the bases of gutters. Their mesh prevents debris from falling into the gutter and causing a blockage; however, its holes allow the free flow of water through your guttering system.

Micro-mesh covers have one obvious difference from regular mesh products. These covers have much smaller holes in them than a standard mesh. While this kind of mesh increases your costs, it is a good investment for most homeowners.

Why Upgrade to Micro-Mesh Gutter Covers?

Regular mesh gutter covers do a good job. As long as you buy well-made products that use quality materials and fit them correctly, then these covers will keep your gutters clean.

However, regular mesh has some disadvantages. While it will keep large pieces of debris out of your gutters, its holes are still big enough to allow some throughfall. Smaller pieces of debris and dirt will fit through these holes.

Over time, these small pieces can clog together to become big enough to block a gutter. Plus, some pieces might get stuck in the mesh holes and block the cover so that it stops working correctly.

While mesh guards and covers need less maintenance than other guard protection products, you might still have to do some work to keep them clear and clean. For example, you might need to clear out periodic blockages from accumulated small pieces of debris. Or, you might have to hose down the covers every now and then to unblock its holes.

Micro-mesh covers work more efficiently. Their smaller holes make it extremely hard for anything of a significant size to fall through the guard. Anything that does fall through the mesh will be so small that it will easily wash away through the gutter system.

Plus, the smaller holes in this mesh are less likely to get blocked by small fragments such as bits of leaves. While dirt or dust might coat the mesh during dry periods, a good rain shower will wash this coating off and clear the mesh for you.

So, while you might still want to hose down your covers periodically to clean them off, you won't have to do this job as often with micro-mesh covers. Plus, you're less likely to have problems with gutter blockages.

To find out more about the benefits of micro-mesh guards, contact gutter cover services in your area.