5 Tips For Repairing Stucco In Your Home

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5 Tips For Repairing Stucco In Your Home

20 March 2023
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Do you have stucco that is not looking that great and is in need of repair? If so, you are likely thinking about repairing the stucco on your own. Here are a few tips that can help you do it.

Identify The Damage

The first thing you should do is identify the extent of the damage you are dealing with. Is this a small patch of stucco that needs to be repaired, or an entire wall or ceiling that needs some work? You may be better off leaving a big job to a stucco repair professional to ensure that it looks right. However, a small repair job may be something you can handle on your own.

Clean The Area

You'll need to clean the damaged portion of the stucco by using a brush with stiff bristles. Your goal will be to remove the crumbling or loose stucco that is on the surface, as well as debris and dirt. You'll need to take steps to remove any mildew or mold on the surface if it was damaged by water, which can be done with a simple cleaning solution of water and bleach.

Prepare The Area

The new stucco is not going to stick to the old stucco unless you use a bonding agent. This is a special kind of adhesive that can be applied using a paintbrush fairly easily. It is crucial that you do not forget the bonding agent, because you won't realize you forgot it until the stucco starts to crumble later on.

Apply The Stucco

The key to applying new stucco to the area is to work it across the surface with a trowel. You'll want to work consistently in a single direction to keep the stucco at a consistent thickness. A stucco float can then be used to blend the new stucco with the old stucco. It looks like a big sponge with a handle on it, with a flat surface creating an even finish. The stucco will then need to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions, which is typically about a day. 

Paint And Seal The Stucco

You can finish the job by painting the surface. While painting stucco is similar to painting a flat wall, know that it will take more paint to apply even coverage over it. Since the stucco is a porous material, you'll need to seal the stucco after the paint dries to prevent moisture from getting into it.  

For more info about stucco repair, contact a local company.