A Short Guide On Commercial Architectural Glass Doors

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A Short Guide On Commercial Architectural Glass Doors

2 May 2023
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One of the most important elements to consider during the design process of a commercial building is the entrance. The entrance is where people will focus the majority of their attention while approaching the building. This is why you should consider commercial architectural glass doors, which have grown in popularity for their modern look and versatile design. This brief guide on these doors can help shed some light on their growing popularity and help you determine if they're the right choice for your building.

Commercial Architectural Glass Doors are Versatile 

These glass doors are customizable to any building's design. Also, they're highly popular in buildings that feature a streamlined look. They can include different types of glass, including tempered, laminated, and insulated glass. 

Swinging glass doors have hinges on one side, and they can feature a single swinging door, or a pair of doors that meet to close in the center. They generally work out better for smaller entrances and can look fancier with the addition of special hardware. 

Sliding glass doors slide open and closed on tracks. They work well for larger entrances and can fit any building. They're convenient for spaces where people may be carrying luggage or merchandise. 

Folding glass doors will fold back onto themselves in a way that allows a very large space to open all the way. These doors work well for businesses that want to create an open feeling for the public. For example, they're great for restaurants where there is outdoor seating, because they can open all the way during business hours so wait staff can easily serve customers. 

The Doors Add a Touch of Elegance

These doors add an elegant feel to a building and provide a more inviting entrance. Therefore, they can work out well for buildings such as high-end hotels, where immediate charm upon entering can make the customers feel welcomed. 

They offer an unobstructed view, which can work out well for buildings such as retail spaces. Customers will appreciate the charming feeling, and the store employees can better monitor what's going on directly around the business entrance. 

The Doors Help With Natural Lighting

It can be challenging to invite enough natural light into many commercial spaces. It may not be possible to design enough windows in the building to offer the amount of natural lighting desired. 

However, with the installation of large architectural glass doors at the front of the building, that area will have great natural lighting. The natural lighting helps create a bright space with less need for artificial lighting, saving the business money on the energy bills.

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