2 Signs Your Pickleball Court Needs To Be Professionally Resurfaced

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2 Signs Your Pickleball Court Needs To Be Professionally Resurfaced

21 June 2023
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If you have a small pickleball court on your property, you may enjoy playing this game which combines the playstyles of badminton, ping pong, and tennis. However, since you and your family and friends play a lot, you may have noticed that the surface of the court has started to appear worn.

Because of this, you may be wondering if you can continue playing on the worn court or should have it resurfaced. If so, below are a couple of signs indicating that you should seriously consider having your pickleball court professionally resurfaced. 

1. You Start Losing Your Footing While Playing Because of Rough Areas on the Court's Surface

One sign that you should think about having a professional resurface your pickleball court is when the roughened surface starts to affect you while you are playing. When going for the ball to hit it with the paddle, you may find that you lose your footing in the same areas on the court.

Whether constructed from asphalt or rubber, the top surface layer is what gives you traction so that you can safely play the game. However, if this layer is starting to wear down, you should have the court resurfaced to help smooth and even it out to improve your game and make it safer to play.

2. You Notice That Cracks Have Started to Appear and Expand on the Surface of the Pickleball Court

Another sign that your pickleball court needs to be resurfaced is when you start noticing cracks in the surface. Over time, even small cracks will start to grow and expand, becoming trip hazards and allowing water to infiltrate the court's substrate.

If you continue to play on the cracked court, the damage will only become worse as water breaks down the court's material. When the professional resurfaces the court, they will first fill in and repair these cracks to ensure that the surface of the finished court is even and protected from future damage.

If rough areas on the surface of your pickleball court have started to affect your playstyle because you constantly lose your footing, you should consider having it resurfaced to help smooth and even it out. You should also consider resurfacing when multiple cracks start appearing to keep water from causing further damage to the court. For more information, contact a construction business in your area that offers pickleball court resurfacing services.